In 3 Days Sheri Reclaims Her Will Power & Is Liberated From Torturous 
Sugar Cravings
by Aga Postawska, Holistic Health Coach on Nov 14th, 2018

“Within 3 days of being on the protocol, I had no [sugar] cravings, they were gone! It wasn’t even hard!”

Have you ever felt totally out of control, like a victim to your sugar cravings?

The moment you try on a healthier way of eating, you quickly lose all will power and succumb to a pastry, a donut, or chocolate bar. You try so hard, yet everything you do always ends in defeat, frustration, and shame. 

Before you get swallowed up by your self-loathing, consider this... it's NOT your fault.

Candida is listed as a disease by the CDC, Centres for Disease Prevention and Control. It's both a fungus and yeast that lives in the digestive tract and relies on carbohydrates (sugar) to thrive. When allowed to proliferate to stages of overgrowth, Candida causes you to crave sugar, and these cravings can be overwhelming, complete consuming any and all of your will power.

Believe it or not, you have an incredibly amount of will power. It's simply being overshadowed by Candida, and you can reclaim this power. As Sheri put so eloquently, with the help of Candida Cleanser you can "break through the veil of victim consciousness" to find liberation on the other side.

In this video Sheri shares why she absolutely loves the Candida Cleanse and how it changed her life, "It really transformed my life 
and I don’t just say that casually. It's truly transformation.”

If you need support in cutting out sugar, here are 15 recipes you can try that will satisfy your sweet tooth, without feeding Candida: 15 Guilt Free Anti-Candida Desserts.

Ready To Start Your Healing Journey?

Happy Healing,
Aga Postawska, HHC

About Aga Postawska

Aga is a certified holistic health coach and yoga instructor who recently joined the Candida Cleanser team after developing The Gut Rehab Program - a comprehensive how-to video and resource guide to repairing Leaky Gut and reversing the damage done by Candida overgrowth. She loves guiding people in their healing process and helping them find healthy dietary changes that work combined with powerful stress-reduction and lifestyle improvements.

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