Essential Cleanse Acceleration with Candida Cleanser's Health Coach
by Patty Yu on Jan 6th 2017
Today, I'm joined by wellness enthusiast and holistic health coach Aga Postawska to share how you can set the stage for healing with optimal Cleanse Acceleration.

In this resource video we cover veteran tips on how to use food as medicine to: 

- Charge up your immune system, 

- Strengthen detox pathways, 

- Begin healing leaky gut, 

- Plus which supplements are essential, especially if you are following a strict vegan or vegetarian diet.

The tools you'll learn will help you have the smoothest and most effective Candida cleanse, plus prevent any future reinfection.  

Remember, it's essential to heal leaky gut after cleansing Candida to stay well and prevent Candida's return.  

With this goal in mind, we share new insights on bone broth - the #1 gut healing food which includes collagen, l-glutamine, glycine, proline, gelatin - and how you can easily start making bone broth at home today.

You’ll also learn how to protect yourself from two of Candida’s most deadly byproducts - gliotoxin and acetaldehyde - which exasperate liver function (and in some cases can even cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease!). 

We delve in to liver support supplements and how to use turmeric milk thistle, and dandelion to help mitigate symptoms of Candida die-off and get you feeling better faster.  

High-quality probiotics are a definite must because very little healing can be accomplished in the body without the support of your beneficial gut bacteria. We’ll teach you how to get the most bang for your buck when purchasing probiotics, plus cover how to use fermented foods to diversify your gut flora at every meal.

We also cover commonly asked questions and what to expect while recovering from Candida so that you're well informed and ready for action when you begin.

And, as always, please let us know what else we can cover in upcoming videos and blog posts to support your healing journey.

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About Patty Yu

Patty is a certified healer and yoga teacher who experienced a life-changing health breakthrough in 2013 by eliminating her Candida overgrowth using Candida Cleanser's CCWS supplement. Ever since, Patty has dedicated herself to coaching and helping hundreds cleanse and rebuild their gut. 

Her passion grew so big by 2015 that Patty became Candida Cleanser's spokesperson where she continues to share new insights and help as many people heal as possible.