Down The Candida Rabbit Hole, and then some...
by Joshua, Co-founder of Candida Cleanser, on Jan 15th 2017
Before reading on, a disclaimer is needed:

If you want scientific back-up of everything you read, this article is not for you.

However, if you feel you can’t wait for science to tell you what to think, then these reflections may resonate for you.

Science long ago included consciousness in its observations and conclusions.  I’m talking about consciousness as in the true, direct experience of the human spirit - those subtle feelings, intuitions and inner experiences which cannot be measured with machines and instruments in a laboratory. 

Most people have lost that level of connection with themselves and their direct experience, and because of this disconnection, we cannot rely only on science to give us the full picture at all times. 

The blindfolded half truth of modern empirical science can hide overlying issues and make it unclear of what’s really going on.
If you're still with me right now, read on. This piece is for you.
First, a little about me so you know where I’m coming from:

I grew up in a very open minded family in Europe and from the start had no religious programming to work through and get rid of. The spiritual aspects of life were rarely talked about in my family, but spirituality was also never rejected.

Having four near-death experiences at age 3-21-24 and 44 were kind of a point-of-no-return for me and have made spirituality an extremely relevant, necessary part of my life.

Meditation early on, and a keen interest in the spiritual dimensions took me on a journey of self discovery that was always combined with a sincere focus and study of the world we live in. 

To make long story short, I was about 21 years of age when I had a very clear realization of how extensive and deep the programming of humanity was and still is. I started looking for different tools of awakening for myself and my brothers and sisters out there. 

Getting out of the “matrix” turned out to be much harder than I ever imagined, especially as a young kid just trying to survive in the system. This lead me to travel all over the world (with many, many interesting stories to tell another time). 

In this article I wish to focus on the revelations about what I, personally, feel Candida really is and why it’s here on this planet at this particular time. 

Keep in mind these are my own conclusions and you should discard anything that does not resonate with you. But keep an open mind, contemplate, then filter out.
I was slowly beginning to work on a more serious level with what health really means. This was spurred by observing within myself and others that there is “something” holding us back from truly maintaining high-level energies in the physical body. 

You can achieve expanded awareness and states of awakening through spiritual practice and being in the presence of true masters of spirituality, but it always somehow gets dulled-down and suppressed days or weeks after (when “daily life” hits your reality again). 

Just go listen to people talking or turn on your TV for a few minutes and you will know the vibration, the level of consciousness I’m talking about. 

The body temple simply can’t hold the energies of increased awareness in most people for more than a few hours at the time. Something is holding it back. Or, more correctly, many things are holding it back.
Our emotions are closely linked to how much energy we have in the body. A depressed person is in most cases running on low energy and a breathing pattern with emphasis on the breath out. “Loosing energy.”

A positive person usually is in a high energy state, and their emphasis is most likely on the breath in.
Imagine what emotions will be enhanced when you have systemic Candida constantly pooping toxins into your blood stream and lowering the energy flow of your spiritual centers. It's ALL connected.
Humanity is living in a world that is designed to keep you asleep and not thinking independently. If you have come this far in this article, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s said that an average human being has perhaps 1 new independent thought per day. The rest is just repetition. 

So what does this have to do with Candida? I’ll connect the dots here as I see them.
When I was told I had systemic Candida many years ago by a nutritionist, I went down my own Candida rabbit-hole for over 6 months, and I figured out how the active compound in CCWS weakens Candida and enables the body to eliminate the fungus by the natural action of the immune system. 

These discoveries were over 10 years ago, and just the beginning of an epic journey of healing and health, and a drive to understand the underlying issues of what Candida represents on a metaphysical level. 

I already knew of the hidden programming and manipulations of society that have been going on for ages on this planet. So I started digging in and investigating the whole Candida issue that millions are suffering from.
Candida exists as a single-cellular yeast in every person, but shifts in to its fungal form if it gets the opportunity. If you have been following the information delivered on you already know this.
However, I feel a few pieces of important information are worth reiterating:
Candida will never become systemic in a healthy body. However most people are not healthy compared to just 100 years ago.

All humans, including a few week-old fetus in the womb of a mother anywhere in the world, will have over 100 different man-made chemicals inside them, either from the food they eat, the water they drink or the air they breathe.

Our gut micro-biome is going extinct. We are losing many essential species of beneficial gut bacteria in the western world.

Parasites carry Candida. And Candida contains heavy metals, viruses and other toxins. Think about it and approach a cleanse the smart way. 

You HAVE to work on the underlying spiritual, emotional and mental issues that a cleanse will ALWAYS bring up. Otherwise your going straight back to re-infecting your self again.

There are many factors lowering your immune system and taking your out of your center – always opening you for future infections. 

If your ready for the deep dive here in terms of BioPhysics, start here (this will video blow your mind):

Dr. Jack Kruse: How to Bio-Hack Your Zip
Code for Optimal Health
Fungi spores have been found in space. Their cell walls are so durable that spores can survive space travel. 

These spores can levitate off planet and seed themselves elsewhere where that life can be supported. The whole levitation part has to do with ORMUS elements found in nature, but that’s another article in itself..
To really get a better idea about the mysteries of Fungus and Mycelium, take a listen to this presentation before you read on, and you’ll have a better understanding of Fungi and how these types of organisms operate:

Paul Stamets - The Future is Fungi
We had fungus growing here on Earth before we had plants and trees. In fact, plants and trees depend on mycelium for nutrient uptake and decomposition of biological matter. 

Ask any organic gardener if he feels mycelium is important for his plants’ well being. 

Fungus is a very interesting organism and it has its own intelligence we are only now beginning to research on a more serious level. Fungi is not dependent on sunlight. So it would be safe to say that the “interstellar space invaders” already arrived a long time ago on Earth. Fungus came first.

Fungus create some of the most potent medicinal healing compounds, and it can also generate some of the most deadly.

The most highly regarded medicine in Chinese medicine is the Reishi Mushroom. In that culture there are even paintings of the “gods” coming down on a cloud with a Red Reishi in his hands for the people:
On the other side of the equation, some Mold Spores are so toxic they release hundreds of different toxins in EACH spore. And there are millions of them. Few of these toxins are more deadly than any man-made toxins that have ever been created in a lab. 

Entire houses are being demolished because mold takes hold in the walls causing death and disease to anyone living in it. There are fungi in nature that will kill you on the spot if ingested.

Mold is no joke, and one should be well educated on Mycotoxins:

Dr. Andrew Campbell and The Effects of Mycotoxins On The Human Body
Dave Asprey: Mycotoxins - The Surprising Mold You Eat
And it's not just mold you need to be aware of..

Candida can kill you if not dealt with. There is ample evidence of the correlation between cancer and Candida. Low chronic inflammation and Candida. You already know this if you’ve followed the information from Candida Cleanser.
Anyone with a systemic Candida infection can testify on its ability to influence your thoughts and emotions. They know first hand. 

It can grow a network inside of you that will influence your nervous system and how the brain behaves. You will make more toxic decisions. Candida will enhance emotions that lower your immune system and ensure you will not be able to take full control of your own life. 

If this is not the “alien invasion” Hollywood keeps on pushing movies out about, I don’t know what is! Only this invasion has been going on for a long time and it’s hidden within you while no-one is talking about it. 

Its impossible to be depressed in a high energy environment, hence Candida will make sure you only have enough energy to drag yourself through the day in a zombie state, living in a constant fog unable to think clearly.

Candida has its own intelligence, and just for one moment consider this fact: 80% of the population in the “developed” world suffers from Candida overgrowth in some way or form. 

How many politicians do you think have Candida and unconsciously makes decisions that will support more growth of Candida on a global scale? 

More immune suppressing EMF radiation. More approvals of toxic foods, pollution and pharmaceuticals that end up just increasing the opportunities for this fungus to spread inside us. 

Are we really running the show? 

I can already hear the thoughts perhaps running in some people's minds as they read this: Conspiracy nut. 

But before you dismiss these reflections I just shared, consider this for a second: Have you ever tried living in a completely toxin free body in a non-toxic environment while being an adult and a free thinker? Where your full potential shines through and society has not programmed you in any way? 

Probably not. This means we don’t even know what true health and free thinking really mean. But I bet putting fluoride in the drinking water, cell phone towers on school roofs, using mercury in dentistry and promoting nuclear power will actually prove to be complete madness, and yet our leaders are doing exactly that. 

I’m not saying its all happening because of Candida, but what I AM saying is that Candida plays a role in enabling this kind of so called “thinking.” 
If you, against all odds, still end up with a burning desire for truth and reality despite all the programming. If you avoid the MSG, fluoride, live in a less polluted area and somehow dodge the chemtrails and weaponized foods, you still have to reverse the damage you most likely inherited from your parents and childhood before you became conscious of what’s going on and took matters in your own hands. 

Perhaps you’ll start meditating and maybe even have mystical experiences along the way. But the “lid” is still there, and no matter how deep you go you always end back in so called “Egoic problem solving consciousness” despite knowing a deeper truth is right there at your fingertips. 

Candida might be part of the problem because it creates its own secondary nervous system that will hold you back from your own inner true nature. 

The battle is lost before it even began because you can’t even trust your own inner voice anymore. Its part of the program. A larger agenda is going on and only few are seeing it. The emotional state of your day is reprogrammed so that you end up with only emptiness and exhaustion by the time the day is over. Only to repeat it all again the next day..
But people are waking up now. 

Despite all odds, it’s happening after ages of deep sleep. People have had enough of the slumber. They are not buying into the distractions they are being spoon fed. 

In this process we realize that the only authority we can trust is our inner being once purified and still. There is no magic pills that’s going to solve your problems and awaken you. 

Most people don’t want to hear this and prefer the easy way of something outside themselves is going to fix them. But all these tools we give ourselves such as meditation, healthy foods, conscious teachers and books, breath-work, personal development, supplements etc, are all external representations of an inner process of change reflected and mirrored “out there” as a sign you are finally ready to take your life in your own hands. 

Empower yourself with the tools that represent your own inner liberation from a system designed to keep you from realizing and knowing who you truly are.
Build a strong healthy body temple - a still mind and a heart full of joy for life. Get rid of what you don’t need in life whether its Candida, parasites or outdated belief systems that fail to express your own true inner being.
Be a part of the global awakening and welcome a new dawn.

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