The Candida Conspiracy Theory,
Does Mind Controlling Fungus 
 Rule The World?
An Interview With Patty Yu on The EVER Podcast
by Aga Postawska, Holistic Health Coach on March 29th, 2018


Is It Really So Hard To Believe?

People are beginning to wake up to see the severity of the corruption on this planet; in our leaders, governments, and organizations that were first put in place to help and protect the welfare of citizens.

However, we now know that a small percentage of incredibly wealthy people are controlling the world through the pharmaceutical corporations, big agriculture, big energy... and beyond.

What’s really running the world and responsible for the toxic decisions of our world leaders?

Could it be an underlining fungal infection...?

Those who've recovered from a Candida infection understand how the fungus has an ability to override the nervous system and manipulate not only your food cravings, but drive pathological thoughts and fuel self destructive actions.

Overwhelming emotions of fear, anxiety, greed, and depression can actually be the result of this fungus living in and feeding off of your body and life force. 

Once you free yourself from the infection you realize your true nature; at the core of your being you are compassionate, generous, joyful, and understanding.

Effortlessly you become more loving towards yourself and others, filled with the vitality and passion to be the change you wish to see in the world.

By healing yourself you create a healing ripple effect that radiates out from you and into the world.

Tune into this episode of The Ever Podcast as Josh and Kacper interview Patty, hear them discuss Candida in a way that will change the way you view the world. 

What's In This Episode

- How a small group of passionate people dedicate to healing sparked a massive global healing movement with a small ridiculous ugly website… it got attacked for being a “Scam”, yet now it’s helped tens of thousands of people heal themselves, with over 12,800 ravings fans on the open FB group.

- How you too can use this invention to heal yourself and your family.

- Patty’s incredible life-changing story of how she brought herself back to life after being sure she was going to die young.

- What’s really running the world and responsible for the toxic decisions of our so called “leaders”, could it be the secondary nervous system of a toxic weaponized fungus? 

- How a small community of people is slowly crushing the pharmaceutical industry and healing thousands of people from systemic candida fungal infestation…With their own discovery which they tried to hide to keep people sick.

- The hilarious story of how Health Spas in Koh Samui Thailand began to get irritated, as the potency and effectiveness of this discovery even threatened the legit cleansing industry

Joshua: "I was basically curing their customers so fast… [their clients] signed up for a 3-4 week retreat, but after 1 week they signed out and said “Screw this I’m going to save the money and just do this cleanse instead!”

- The un-official testimony from the original chemist on the Lufenuron research team (now a professor at UC Davis) and what happened when Big Pharma tried to bury the evidence of Lufenuron’s effectivity.

- Why it seems impossible to make life-style changes based on diet until you rid your body of this weaponized fungus.

- How EMF radiation is now scientifically proven to enhance the growth of this fungus… Who’s deciding to put more EMF Cell phone towers on schools and hospitals?

You'll definitely want to watch this episode from start to finish!

Well it’s no fun to think about... But after parasites get in to your system (and exposure happens WAY more often than most people realize – read on to learn why), they are going to be bigger and more abundant when you finally do get them out.[...] 
by Patty Yu, on Jan 23rd 2017

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