Jackie After 2 Rounds Of The Candida Cleanser: Fibromyalgia, Acne, Digestive Issue, Fatigue, Brain Fog— GONE!
by Aga Postawska, Holistic Health Coach on Dec 16th, 2019
"Doctors didn’t know what it was, they always tell me different diagnoses, or give me different treatments... and it wasn’t until this year where I've done 2 candida cleanses that I've seen real shifts in some of the symptoms I have had my entire life!

Jackie has recently finished her 2nd round of the 45 day Candida Cleanser protocol, and her life has completely transformed!

10 years suffering from:

- fibromyalgia
- skin issues and embarrassing acne
- brain fog
- chronic bloating after every meal
- premature hair loss
- chronic fatigue

... all gone!

Chronically exhausted and getting out of bed feeling hungover, unable to fully focus or think, Jackie thought to herself. "I just thought this was part of my personality.. just who I was.”

Boy was she wrong! Once she started on her cleanse and getting candida out of her body, she started to access and embody her true self: Radiant, energetic, clear, and joyful!
People are noticing everywhere I go. 
The most common question I get is “What did you do!? You look radiant?” They can’t believe how much energy I have. I used to be so exhausted.
Tune in to hear about her transformation and get tips for your cleanse!

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"The pain is gone I don’t have fibromyalgia anymore!"

About Aga Postawska

Aga is the in-house certified holistic health coach here at Candida Cleanser who runs BREAK FREE!, an 8 week gut-healing intensive that guides you through the entire candida cleanser protocol to help you to transform your life.