Molybdenum: Don't You Dare 
Detox Without It!
by Aga Postawska, Holistic Health Coach on Sept 1st, 2017
Do you get headaches, brain fog, or achy joints?

What about nausea or itchy skin?

These can be typical signs of acetaldehyde toxicity during a Candida overgrowth. When you start cleansing Candida these symptoms can get worse before they get better.

"Candida is responsible for flooding the system with an accumulation of toxic acetaldehydes. Acetaldehydes are known to poison tissues -- accumulating in the brain, spinal cord, joints, muscles and tissues." 
                                                       - Dr. Stephen Cooter, Beating Chronic Disease

What Is Molybdenum?
Molybdenum is a trace mineral required by the body to make several important enzymes that allow your liver to neutralize and eliminate one of Candida's worst waste products called Acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde is a neurotoxin that can circulate throughout the blood and accumulate within tissues and vital organs. Your body has a tough time eliminating this toxin so it commonly builds up within your tissues to cause much chaos and pain.      

If accumulated in the skin it can cause dry itchy skin, eczema, and rashes.

Within the muscles, you can experience muscle weakness, cramps, and fatigue.

In the joints, you get pains and aches.

Acetaldehyde has known to even build up in the myelin sheath surrounding nerves to cause neurological issues such as brain fog, headaches, memory loss, and can even lead to (or exasperate) conditions such as depression, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's , and fibromyalgia.

What Do A Hangover & Candida Have In Common?
We've all felt the ill after effects of having one too many drinks. Waking up in the morning sick to your stomach. Most of the day is spent on the couch watching Netflix eating something greasy to help with the queazy feeling in your belly.

Your head is pounding, you're sensitive to the light, and your body aches-- especially your joints.

Sound familiar? 

These are the effects of the metabolism of alcohol in your body being broken down into acetaldehyde.

Having Candida live and grow in your body is like being hooked up to a microbrewery 24/7, this deadly carcinogen polluting your blood every second of everyday.

Often people with a severe Candida overgrowth feel hungover, even drunk! 

Incorporating Molybdenum Into Your Candida Treatment

"Molybdenum is chemically responsible for breaking down acetaldehyde into acetic acid. Acetaldehyde cannot be excreted from the body; it accumulates. Acetic acid can be, though, and the body naturally removes it or changes it into acetyl coenzyme A, a major player in the body's energy system.... Acetaldhyde accumulations in tissue are responsible for weakness in muscles, irritation, and PAIN." - Dr. Cooter and Dr. Schmitt

Simply put, Molybdenum is one of the only compounds able to neutralize a deadly toxin and turn it into a nutrient the body can easily use!

Use Molybdenum Glycinate or Chelate.  About 300mcg 3 times a day, as prescribed by Dr. Schmitt

During my cleanse I was surprised to see how fast it worked. I found relief from a migraine and a stiff achy neck within 15 minutes.

This humble mineral definitely deserves a spot in your detox toolkit!

Happy Cleansing,
Aga Postawska, 
In-House Holistic Health Coach

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