Reality Check On Parasites And What To Do About Them
by Joshua, Co-founder of Candida Cleanser, on Jan 30th 2017
I had the opportunity a few years ago to talk to a hunter who brought some interesting facts to my attention. He said that if he killed a Deer deep in the wilderness far from civilization, everything would look clean and normal during the process of field-dressing (gutting) the animal. Any deer he harvested near towns and cities, however, would be littered with parasites in their intestines AND in their flesh. These carcasses would quickly start decaying as if the deterioration process was already underway while the animal was still alive. 

I pondered these reports for some time and came to two conclusions on what could be causing these issues:
  • 1)  There may be wild herbs the animals eat that only grow in pristine natural areas far from humans. Perhaps these herbs kill parasites and keep the deer clean and healthy internally.
  • 2)  And/or human pollution, EMF radiation and generally toxic modern practices create a more acidic environment where the animals’ immune system is compromised and these opportunistic parasitic can get the upper hand. 
Either way, it seems that human environments are where parasites seems to thrive. 

What my research showed is that if you have systemic Candida, you most likely also have a serious parasite problem

The parasites have their own digestive system infected with Candida as well. And Candida continually release their metabolic wastes (like gliotoxin and acetaldehyde to name a few) into your system on an ongoing basis. 

Scientists call this “hyperparasitism” – when parasites carry other parasites – and it is a common phenomenon that creates even more stress on the body.

This means that even if you cleanse your Candida first, the parasites will keep on re-infecting you again and again because parasites harbor Candida in their bodies. 

So the correct approach to secure your self from reinfection is to eliminate the parasites first (or at least at the same time) as you start killing off from Candida.  

Most people simply do not understand this part and will hence fight Candida infections for the rest of their lives in vain. 

And to make it even more problematic, Candida and parasites most often hold heavy metals and viruses as well. This can make a healing crisis even more dramatic as the body tries to process and excrete it all through the kidneys and liver. 

The road to health really is quite a journey and you have to support your organs of detoxification during a process like this.

If You Don’t Think You Have Parasites,
 Think Again
Every door handle you touch, every toilet seat, every mobile phone, keyboard, handshake, etc. can infect you. 

Parasite eggs are very very tiny and can even penetrate through the skin. Our feet soak up whatever they touch. We touch someone’s car door and unconsciously scratch our eye and, boom, parasite eggs can enter your body. 

Parasites are impossible to avoid in our modern society if you wish to engage and stay social and functional, hence a regular cleanse is highly advised by any health-conscious medical professional you will encounter who is really paying attention. Most practitioners will recommend a parasite cleanse one or two times per year since re-exposure is so common.

And if parasites are left untreated, a host of very serious symptoms (which are way to numerous to list in this article) will manifest over time. But instead of focusing on the obvious diseases you can get from parasites such as inflammation, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, mood swings, joint pains, and even cancer, lets cut to the chase and look at the solutions available. 

My Own Experience With Cleansing Parasites
It took me a long time to narrow down the formula and protocol to a point where I actually got good results I could trust. 

I did blood tests to see what worked and what didn’t work - the microscopes don’t lie. 

I had good results with something called a Plasma Rife Machine. Blood tests before and after show total elimination of certain parasites within only 3 sessions. 

There are many practitioners who claim to have Rife Machines, however only the original ones using the Plasma Rods work. Unfortunately, these are very expensive devices. 

Also, you can’t just run a frequency sweep like most Rife therapists believe. It won’t work as you will not zap long enough on each frequency needed. At least this is what my own lab results told me. 
You have to identify the specific parasites, find the correct frequency and focus on continuing Rife treatments over longer periods of time. 

This approach to cleansing your parasites is difficult for a number of reasons: 
  • 1)  The Rife machines cost $3,000 or more. 
  • 2)  Tests are not able to check for ALL the parasites you might have, so it’s possible that some parasites could remain after treatment.    
  • 3)  If you are infested with 10-15 or more species of parasites, it would be too time consuming and possibly too expensive to treat them all individually.
So, I tried many different herbal remedies as a broad-spectrum approach to knock out all parasites. I found that some formulas work while others do not. The problem is that the herbs have to be very strong since parasites can hide in all your tissues and organs including the eyes and the brain in some cases.
Some herbs kill parasites but then they reappear only few weeks later! This drove me nuts over the years and I couldn't figure out what I did wrong.  

It wasn’t until I realized the life cycles of the parasites had something to do with my failures. 

The eggs don’t die from even some of the strongest herbs you can find. You can kill all the parasites only to have their eggs hatch few weeks after and your right back where you started. 

Basically you have to kill the eggs and the adults at the same time to make sure you swipe out the infestation completely. 

To achieve this Clove is the only herb I know of that can kill the eggs efficiently, while Black Green Walnut and Wormwood are very efficient in taking out the adult stages of the parasites. 

This 3-way combo works, and my blood tests revealed even after weeks of no further treatments the parasites where still gone. I call these herbs the 3 kings in my arsenal against Parasites and they work every time. Thousands of people can testify to this potent combination. 

When treating yourself for parasites, keep an eye out for what is coming out the other end. Most people only have a mental relationship to internal parasites, so once you see them coming out of you by the hundreds you will be instantly convinced this is an essential cleanse to do on a regular basis. 

The psychological aspect of actually seeing parasites leave your body is both a somewhat traumatizing and happy feeling at the same time. So be warned. 

No one likes to think of themselves as feeding more than just themselves when having a good meal. Make sure you are the only one benefiting from the foods you eat and detox your self from these uninvited guests. 

We at Candida Cleanser created this 3 herb combination for you so you don’t have to go out and purchase and blend the individual herbs for yourself. 

And, what most people fail to realize is when you detox from something as hardcore as parasites, it is essential to protect your liver during the cleansing process. 

Your liver is your life. 

This master organ is purifying your entire blood supply several times per hour and will determine the quality of your life in many ways including regulating blood sugar, energy levels and keeping the whole body clean.

So we added nine awesome liver-supporting herbs to the Parasite PowerCleanse formula to lower the likelihood of having a healing crisis and making the entire detox process easier and more comfortable.  

The liver is usually the main place the parasites can hide and proliferate, so love your liver in the process to perfect health. 

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