My Favorite Recipes Before, During & After Cleansing
by Patty Yu on Jan 13th 2017
Today, I turned on the camera in my kitchen to share some favorite recipes (and a few money-saving shopping tips) to help you eat well while while you get Candida-free.  

This is especially good info if you are using bone broth or the GAPS diet to heal leaky gut, because the collagen and nutrients in a well-made broth do wonders to patch up the damage done to your intestinal lining by Candida fungus.

I always have broth available during my cleanse, and you can too - it's easier and cheaper than you might think!  

And with yummy paleo meals like the chicken dinner I share in the second video, you'll be eating like a king (or queen) while you heal :-)
Video #1: Patty's Bone Broth Secrets:
Video #2: Patty's Favorite Dinners
Patty’s Signature Roasted Chicken

My secret for a juicy tender chicken - at least one hour before cooking, rub your whole free range chicken with sea salt or Himalayan salt!

Once you’re ready to cook, preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Chop up your choice of clean organic veggies and mix them into baking pan - follow your gut and use foods you can tolerate!

To make chicken rub:
- 2 TBS organic mustard (if tolerated)
- 2 TBS fat of choice
- Herbs & seasonings

Cooking times for a large chicken:
- 30 min on one side, then flip the bird and mix the veggies
- 30 min on other side, then flip the bird again and stir the veggies
- 10-25 min again breast side up to crisp

For a smaller sized chicken:
- 25 min on one side, then flip the bird and mix the veggies
- 25 min on the other side, then flip the bird again and stir the veggies
- 10-15 min again breast side up to crisp

For chicken thighs with bone in, or breast with bone in:
- 20 min on one side, then flip pieces and mix veggies
- 20 min on the other side, then flip pieces again and stir the veggies
- 10-20 min again to crisp

These temps are all based on approximations that will vary depending on the size of the chicken, so to be safe, use a meat thermometer to check internal temp is between 165 to 180 degrees.


About Patty Yu

Patty is a certified healer and yoga teacher who experienced a life-changing health breakthrough in 2013 by eliminating her Candida overgrowth using Candida Cleanser's CCWS supplement. Ever since, Patty has dedicated herself to coaching and helping hundreds cleanse and rebuild their gut. 

Her passion grew so big by 2015 that Patty became Candida Cleanser's spokesperson where she continues to share new insights and help as many people heal as possible.