Rico 'LJ' Shares How it Feels to be Candida-Free
by Patty Yu on Jan 10th, 2017
Meet Rico.  A Candida Cleanser customer who suffered from chronic skin rashes and asthma for more than 20 years.

And to make matters worse, his chronic brain fog always seemed to hold him back, as if his full potential was perpetually out of reach. 

After learning about Candida Cleanser and doing his research online, Rico decided he wanted to give this cleanse a try.  

He wasn't sure that every one of his issues were Candida related, but it definitely seemed worth finding out..

And he's so glad he did, because not even halfway through his 45-day process, Rico’s skin rashes completely disappeared.  Gone.  

AND - an unexpected bonus - he lost nearly 30 pounds of excess weight without even trying.

Rico is especially pleased how eliminating Candida overgrowth has made it WAY easier to stick with new eating habits and lifestyle changes that he used to only daydream about. 

Plus he's a lot clearer these days - more productive and motivated - and the stresses and details of life seem a lot easier to manage. 

Rico and I also break down some key insights we've discovered since finishing the cleanse, including the the best steps to avoid reinfection

Watch Rico's Full Interview Below

In this video we explore about how Candida can leverage your gut-brain connection to fuel food addictions you know (rationally) are not good for you!  

That difficult reality is now long-gone for Rico, and it can be for you too.  

So check out the video, and get inspired for YOUR personal recovery!

Thank you Rico for taking the time to get on camera and share your experience with all who are working to get Candida-free and feel great again.

Happy Healing, 

About Patty Yu

Patty is a certified healer and yoga teacher who experienced a life-changing health breakthrough in 2013 by eliminating her Candida overgrowth using Candida Cleanser's CCWS supplement. Ever since, Patty has dedicated herself to coaching and helping hundreds cleanse and rebuild their gut. 

Her passion grew so big by 2015 that Patty became Candida Cleanser's spokesperson where she continues to share new insights and help as many people heal as possible.