Sommy 15 Pounds Lighter & Teeming With Self Confidence
by Aga Postawska, Health Coach, Candida Cleanser, on May 1st 2017
If Sommy walked by you on the street, before and after her Candida Cleanse, I don’t think you’d even recognize her…

Luckily Sommy documented her Candida cleansing journey via social media so she has proof that her images aren’t photoshopped, (for those you may have a hard time believing her transformation).

You can see it all right before your eyes on her Youtube Channel: Candida Cleanse 45 Day Vlog. Here's a sneak peak at one of her episodes.

"The Side Effect of The Candida Cleanser - EFFORTLESS Weight- loss!"
During her cleanse she was very active in our Candida Cleanser Support Group, keeping us updated with her progress and success, what we like to call #ccwswin (Use this hashtag to search for other people's success stories).
And today she’s done such a complete turn around with her health that you can follow Sommy on her YouTube for guidance, motivation, and support throughout your Candida cleansing journey. 

She is bursting with passion and enthusiasm to help you reclaim your health!

Maybe You Can Relate?
Sommy grew up struggling with her health, her weight, and her self-esteem from a very young age- from the day she was born actually! As a infant her tongue and lips were covered with thrush. 

Growing up as an obese child Sommy was bullied to the point where she developed an eating disorder and body image issues.

The doctors offered no help, simply advising her to ‘get on a healthy diet’ but offering no solid guidance on what that actually entails.

Unaware of how her dietary habits were impacting her health, which consisted mainly of curly fries, BBQ corn nuts, and Fresca, she was unconsciously feeding a Candida overgrowth and developing leaky gut.

At age 15 she felt like she was 70. Her body rapidly aging that she often got mistaken as the mother of her 7 year old younger brother.

Riddled with stress and continued poor diet filled with processed foods her Candida infection was going systemic and her leaky gut was only making things worse. She began to experience panic attacks, anxiety, anger, emotional rollercoasters, she was completely losing control...

Living on numerous prescription drugs, one day she hit rock bottom. Unable to get out of bed she took stress leave from the only job that was providing her with the little income she had that went towards her medications.

With one last final nervous breakdown Sommy decided to take a different approach: naturopaths, biofeedback, and colonic irrigation. Alternative medicine revealed to Sommy the degree of her systemic Candida infection and seriousness of her leaky gut.

Everything began to make sense!

The toxins, pathogenic bacteria, and Candida dominating her gut were polluting her body, her mind, and ruining her life. 

With the help of Candida Cleanser and total dietary overhaul Sommy not only transformed her body but regained her self confidence. (As you’ll probably notice in her inspirational videos).

If you are reading this story and having your own “aha” moments in regards to your health perhaps it's time you cleanse for yourself. 

If you:

- Were born via C-section
- Had thrush as a child
- Struggle to achieve your optimal weight and constantly battle sugar and/or alcohol cravings
- Are on anti-depressants or anxiety medication
- Take birth control or have a copper IUD
- Have a long history of eating a SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) filled with starchy carbohydrates, refined grains, and processed foods that come out of a can, freezer, or microwave
- Taken multiple rounds of antibiotics in your life

Then there's a very big chance that Candida is moving in for 'the kill' - frankly quite literally because if left untreated a fungal infection can be fatal.

But with the help of myself, our team leader Patty, and our veteran cleansers like Sommy (and there's many more in our online community), you can regain your health and the experience will be unforgettable life transformation.

Wishing you well,
Aga Postawska
Holistic Health Coach
Candida Cleanser
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