Arthritis Since 2nd Grade, 
10 Years Of Hives, & Infertility... Could It All Really Be Candida?
by Aga Postawska, Holistic Health Coach on April 23th, 2018

Sheila the Candyholic shares, 
"This is not what I expected..."

After a lifetime of misery, Sheila was desperately looking for answers for the health problems that she could never fully understand despite all the combined efforts from doctors, treatments, and medications.

Now in her 40's, she thinks back and realizes that her Candida infection may have started when she was just a little girl in grade school. Growing up in the midwest, raised on sweet tea, her health issues began in grade two:

- Pneumonia 
- Chicken pox
- Hives, her mother also had hives so for the longest time she thought they were simply a "genetic issue." (Candida can be passed on in the womb from mother to unborn child)
- Constantly medicated for strep throat
- Arthritis (as a 7 year old!)
- Thrush in highschool
- Hypothyroid, on Synthroid for 12 years
- Numerous allergies and on medication to manage symptoms
- Infertility, she had tried for another child 4-5 years ago, sadly without any success

Sheila's symptoms are very similar to Charlotte's, who had arthritis so bad as a teenager that she couldn't even hold a pencil in class, and her body would also burst into hives sporadically.

“I felt the yeast was deteriorating me and 
making me basically fade away...”

In just one short course of the Candida Cleanser, Sheila finally gets the answers she's been searching her entire life for. 

Plus... a very UNEXPECTED surprise for the entire family!

Tune into her interview with Patty for the full juicy details, how she managed to totally shift her entire life around to live pain free, finally!

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