Truth About Lufenuron – Big Pharma Exposed
by Patty Yu, on Jul 14 2016
It’s hard to express how excited I am to share this video with you. We frequently get statements such as “there’s no proof Lufenuron treats fungal infection,” and there is certainly information promoted online that would lead you to believe that there is a lack of evidence. However, the people behind those statements profit on you staying in the dark.

The truth is, this cleanse could have been available many years earlier if Big Pharma weren’t so dedicated to promoting their anti-fungal drugs that are minimally effective at best, and in this video we expose the truth.

Click below to see the original Lufenuron patent documenting how the compound is a safe and highly effective treatment for fungal candida infection, plus many other important facts about the compound.

Educate yourself on what the drug companies, and other candida product manufacturers, don’t want you to know about – a cleanse that really works. Click above for some important facts and straight talk about the active ingredient in CCWS.

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Be well,
Patty Yu,
Community Leader
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