Vegan Client, Lisa Conquers ADHD & Unexplained 
Chronic Itching
by Aga Postawska, Health Coach at Candida Cleanser, on June 6th 2017
We are excited to share Lisa’s success story with you as she is one of our first vegan cleansers to share her experience via video testimonial!

Many of our dietary recommendations while cleansing aren’t vegan friendly, for example bone broth, meat stock, and ghee.

So naturally we get a lot of vegans asking for help, “What do I do if I don’t eat animal products!?”

I view these animal foods as medicine, as powerful aids that deserve respect and recognition, especially respect and compassion for the animals that provide us with this irreplaceable medicine.  
These foods immensely support you and your body during the healing and cleansing process and they are incomparable to any supplement or drug. Bone broth helps detox the liver and boost glutathione levels while encouraging the rapid healing of a leaky gut (which inevitably comes with a Candida fungal infection). 

Functional medicine doctors agree that no gut healing program is complete without bone broth!

Coming off of a (raw) vegan diet myself, I understand the moral and emotional difficulties faced when presented this information.

Many of us don’t like taking antibiotics, but if our lives are at stake - we take them! 

If you are reading this, and you are a vegan, and your health is deeply suffering please try to keep an open mind about these foods. Perhaps you can entertain the thought of incorporating meat stock or bone broth while you cleanse Candida and work to heal leaky gut because this can do wonders for you. Then once you are back to optimal health, you can continue with your desired diet. 

The thing that is concerning (and often overlooked) within a vegan diet is that it can be excessive in foods that encourage Candida overgrowth: natural sugars and starchy carbohydrates, grains, legumes, and fruit.

Even if organic and fresh these foods still make for a perfect sugar source that can fuel a Candida infection out of control if one is not careful.

For someone who doesn’t have Candida on their radar, things can spiral out of control pretty quickly...

First signs can be fatigue.

Lisa was drinking 4 cups of coffee just to get through the lethargy of the day.

Next can be neurological disturbance such as brain fog, anxiety, negative thinking, depression.

Before the cleanse Lisa was becoming forgetful, hypersensitive, anxious, and her ADHD was getting worse and worse…

Skin conditions: acne, eczema, rashes, itching - these can all be connected to a fungal infection.

Lisa was experiencing unexplained chronic systemic itching. She would lose sleep as she uncontrollably scratched her body in the night.

And not to mention the sugar cravings! Lisa would often catch herself self-medicating her hypersensitivity and anxiety with sweets. 

Once she became aware that she might have a Candida problem she tried numerous elimination diets and cleanses but nothing ever gave her the results she was after.

Tune into her story as she open-heartedly shares her experience, before, during and after her 45 day Candida Cleanser protocol.
Aga Postawska
Health Coach
Candida Cleanser
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