Wellness Coach, Amanda Biccum, Heals Perioral Dermatitis & Adds The Candida Cleanser To Her Detox Program
by Aga Postawska, Holistic Health Coach, on April 9th 2018
I met this powerhouse of a woman, Amanda Biccum, while traveling in India on the infamous sandy beach haven of Arambol, Goa. We instantly connected over our passion for yoga, nutrition, and gut health!

All afternoon we geeked-out about how we were managing to stay healthy and on point with our diet while living out of a 70L backpack and constantly moving around (It's not that easy!)

At the time we were both fighting the inevitable parasite infection. You see, every tourist gets sick during their first few weeks in India, especially here since sewage run-off often trickles into the ocean. (Yuk!) 

Amanda was fasting on coconut and impressively enough somehow managing to make sauerkraut, and I had just found some diatomaceous earth to help with a stubborn waterborne bacterial infection which was causing me extreme fatigue, bloating, and the occasional midnight vomit session.

We laughed at our current health trials and tribulations, exchanged remedies and alternative health solutions, and connected deeply on the topic of Candida. This deceptive fungus had in the past infected us both to cause chronic health issues, so we knew we were prone to re-infection and were very cautious while travelling.

I introduced her to the Candida Cleanser and she was very intrigued as she had been recently  battling a skin condition called perioral dermatitis; inflammation of the skin around the mouth, usually in the form of a scaly or bumpy rash.

A few weeks later we said our goodbyes and separated ways. We both returned home to North America around the same time, in the summer of 2017, and each jumped straight into our detox protocols to recover from travelling abroad for so long.

I had been out of the country for 9 months and despite all my best efforts, I had reinfected with Candida, my gut was leaky, I had heavy metal toxicity, and started developing food allergies.  July 2017 I did my 4th round of the 45 day Candida Cleanser protocol.

Amanda chose to go ahead with a herbal protocol that lasted 90 days, (and cost about $300!). After this treatment her test results showed that she still had some residuals of Candida. That's when she finally decided to try the Candida Cleanser for herself.

Watch what happens.

Amanda BEFORE the Candida Cleanser

Amanda AFTER the Candida Cleanser
“My skin did improve,  I no longer have perioral dermatitis”

"The Apocalypse Is Coming
And We Didn't Know It Was Fungus!" 

Two Wellness Coaches Share The Trivial Ups & Downs Of Their Candida Cleansing Protocol
"The apocalypse is coming and we didn't know it was fungus!", exclaims Amanda. Tune into this interview with Amanda as we discuss our personal experience healing from Candida.

- Learn how to spot the red flags of an infections
- The 5 major causes of fungal Candida
- Why the Candida diet will only moderate your symptoms without every fully addressing the root of the infection
- Specific herbs and supplements that can help remedy Candida yeast infections, but not the FUNGAL infection; understand the difference.
- How Candida can cause food allergies and how you can reverse food allergies
- Top 3 binders to use during detox to prevent heavy metal retention 
- The active ingredient in Candida Cleanser and why the pharmaceutical company doesn't want you to know about it
- The recipe for Amanda's Liver "Latte" Elixir
- Herbal teas to help mitigate histamine reactions
- How to boost your glutathione levels to boost your immune system and support rapid detox

To work with Amanda and the 21 Day Diet Not Detox Program, connect with her here: AmandaBiccum.com or on Facebook: Vitality Path with Amanda Biccum
Yours in Health,
Aga Postawska
Holistic Health Coach
Candida Cleanser
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